We help you to understand mindsets of your target population and transform this understanding into successful interventions.

You’ve designed interventions to change the behaviors of populations, but you’ve realized that your interventions were not as successful as you’d hoped.

Maybe you want a better understanding of how behavior is changed.

Maybe you’d like to have a method for changing behavior that’s based on sound science and is still easy to apply.

These are all reasons to use the RANAS systematic approach to behavior change. RANAS stands for Risks, Attitudes, Norms, Abilities, and Self-regulation. It’s a scientifically proven method that enables you to understand and measure the psychosocial factors underlying behavior. This knowledge enables you to select effective techniques that yield sustainable change in the behavior of a population and then lets you demonstrate that you’ve done this.

See this Webinar for an introduction to the RANAS approach ...

... or look at our Practical Guide for a detailed insight

A short version of the Practical Guide is available from Helvetas the Swiss NGO in English and French.


COVID-19 Questionnaire online

April 22, 2020

Hans Mosler, Miriam Harter and Max Friedrich have been appointed behavior change experts at the COVID-19 Hygiene Hub

April 21, 2020

Prof. Mosler live on COVID-19 communication strategies

April 6, 2020

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