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Does CLTS target the right psychosocial factors to succeed in triggering households to build latrines?

June 8, 2018


Two articles on a study in Mozambique analyzed whether CLTS is connected to the RANAS psychosocial factors that influence latrine building and latrine rebuilding after collapse.

They present evidence that the psychosocial factors that steer both latrine building and latrine rebuilding really are higher in those people who received CLTS than in those who did not. This denotes that CLTS targets the right psychosocial factors and so succeeds in triggering latrine building.

Interestingly, even households in communities that underwent a CLTS triggering event but that did not receive any CLTS-related information built twice as many latrines as the households in communities with no CLTS. This indicates that CLTS triggers an extensive social process which over time involves all community members.


Here you can find the RANAS study on latrine building



and here the RANAS study on latrine rebuilding







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