About us

RanasMosler and Ranas Ltd.

RanasMosler and Ranas Ltd. are a spin-off collaboration of Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology. Together, we comprise more than 50 years of experience in advising national and international organizations on human behavior change.

Silvie Kraemer Palacios

Silvie did her PhD in the behavior change group of Prof. Mosler at Eawag in 2009. Since then she has gathered extensive experience in projects with Eawag, the environmental ministry in Ecuador and various consultancies. Silvie cares about environmental behaviors as much as health behaviors and lives in Ecuador. Silvie is the managing director of Ranas Ltd.

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Elisa Mosler

Elisa holds a Masters Degree from the University of Zurich in Social Anthropology, Environmental Sciences and Social Psychology. She has worked in the environmental domain in Switzerland and with RanasMosler in Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, and Palestine. Elisa is our specialist in qualitative data collection and analysis and responsible for Finances and Human Resources at Ranas Ltd.

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Hans Mosler

Hans Mosler is the founder of RanasMosler and a Senior Advisor for Ranas Ltd. He has headed the Environmental and Health Psychology Group at Eawag for more than 15 years. His experience in implementing behavior change projects ranges from drinking water treatment and storage, hygiene and sanitation behaviors to environmental behaviors and many more. He has published the Ranas approach to behavior change in 2012.

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Miriam Harter

Miriam recently finalized her PhD in the behavior change group of Prof. Mosler at Eawag. She has worked in behavior change projects in Mozambique, Cambodia, Ghana, and Bangladesh. Miriam has a strong expertise in sanitation behaviors, especially in the Community Led Total Sanitation approach and assures the scientific background in our consultancy projects. Miriam oversees all projects and operations at Ranas Ltd.

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Andrea Tamas

Andrea did her PhD together with Silvie in the behavior change group of Prof. Mosler at Eawag in 2009. After her PhD, she has gathered extensive experience in project management, leadership, and communication by working in various management positions in higher education institutions in Switzerland. Andrea has been active in a wide range of professional networks worldwide. She is the communication and marketing specialist at Ranas Ltd.

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Max Friedrich

Max is Geo-Ecologist by training and holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of Tübingen, Germany. He has been working with the behavior change group of Prof. Mosler at Eawag since 2011 and since 2018 also for RanasMosler. He has applied the Ranas approach to a wide range of behaviors in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, and India. Max manages knowledge and information at Ranas Ltd.

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