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Systematically addressing
behavior change

Together with you, we develop a sound behavior change project or a behavior change component of a larger project based on the RANAS approach. This involves several steps.

  1. First, we guide you through a deep analysis of the psychosocial factors that steer the behavior you want to change and the environment in which the behavior occurs.

  2. We help you develop a quantitative questionnaire which you then apply in a baseline survey.

  3. Using the data from the baseline survey, we guide you through a doer/non-doer analysis. This shows you which behavioral factors differ between those that do the behavior you want to change and those that don’t. These are the behavioral factors that have to be changed.

  4. When you’ve identified the behavioral factors you need to change, we help you select techniques that can tackle them from the RANAS catalog of behavior change techniques. We help you with the design and implementation of behavior change techniques tailored to your target population.

  5. We help you develop a quantitative questionnaire about the behavior change techniques you’ve designed and implemented. Then, you use this in an endline survey of the same households that were interviewed in the baseline. The difference between baseline and endline shows what success you have had in changing behavior.

This procedure enables you to continue to improve your interventions because you are able to accurately determine the magnitude of behavior change and the extent to which the behavioral factors have changed.

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