RANAS Services

Basically, we offer you and your organization support in understanding the mindsets of your target population in depth. We then use this understanding to develop interventions tailored to change exactly this behavior in exactly this population.

The simplest way to learn about the RANAS approach is to have us review your behavior change communications together with you.


Another ideal approach is to augment a KAP (Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice) survey with questions that examine the RANAS psychosocial factors of the behavior you want to change. The RANAS factors examine the respondents’ perceptions, beliefs and emotions, and they can be added to a baseline, midline, or endline survey. We help you to write a RANAS questionnaire by transforming your knowledge and experience about the behavior into standardized questions.
If you plan a baseline survey, then we can help you to identify the most promising behavior change techniques.

If you plan a midline or endline survey, then we can help you to understand how your interventions worked and so improve your interventions by applying the RANAS approach.

If you plan a new project, you can implement the whole RANAS approach. We can advise you how to address behavior change systematically.


If several members of your organization or of different organizations would like to learn about the RANAS systematic behavior change approach, we can offer you a RANAS training course tailored to your group’s requirements. This can take half a day, one day, two days, or four days, depending on what the training should include. The training course can take place anywhere in the world. It can even be done as a video conference over the Internet.

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