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RANAS Services

We help you and your organization to understand the mindsets of your target population and transform this understanding into successful interventions.

We support you to develop interventions tailored to change exactly the behavior in question in exactly your population, because we will systematically analyze your situation.

The simplest way to learn about the RANAS approach is to have us review your behavior change communications together with you.


Another way is to cary out a survey with questions that examine the RANAS factors of the behavior you want to change. The RANAS psychosocial factors examine the respondents’ perceptions, beliefs and emotions, and they can be added to your baseline, midline, or endline survey. We help you to develop a RANAS questionnaire by transforming your knowledge and experience about the behavior into standardized questions.

Results from baseline surveys can be used to identify the most promising behavior change techniques.

Results from a midline or endline survey can be used to help you understand how your interventions have worked and if necessary, can be improved by applying the RANAS approach.

If you are planning a new project, you may consider implementing the whole RANAS approach. We can advise you how to address behavior change systematically.



Tailored training courses for members of your organization and other organizations would deepen the understanding of how the RANAS systematic behavior change approach works.

We offer half to four day courses, depending on your needs. The training course can take place anywhere in the world or as a video seminar.

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