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Prof. Mosler live on COVID-19 communication strategies

Last night, Prof. Hans Mosler was live-interviewed by the Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) evening news. He explains how communication can be successful in spite of ever repeating messages we are hearing these days in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic: wash your hands, stay home, keep distance.

He explains that understanding the health risk is very important for people as well as getting instructions what exactly their confining actions could be. But in addition to that, personal effort should be addressed (for example, it’s not so much effort to actually keep distance) and to keep emotions in mind when choosing words: for example, “isolation” does not evoke very positive emotions. Another powerful influencer, Prof. Mosler says, is social norm – if we see or even only think that others conform with the rules we are more likely to join in ourselves, that is we like to see the positive examples of others.

Watch the full video in German on SRF:

Photo by SRF, taken from the original SRF-video, 05.04.2020, Prof. Mosler being interviewed. For full video in German, please click on the picture.

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