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Online-Resources: RANAS in emergencies

Already in 2018, RanasMosler had produced a train-the-trainers video on Hygiene Promotion in Humanitarian Contexts. Especially in times of Corona, this may be a useful resource for implementers of the Ranas approach on behavior change.

The largest project Ranas conducted in an emergency setting was the 2019-2020 project in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh together with th elocal WASH sector and Unicef: 13 organisations worked on 11 health and environmental behaviours. From increased hand washing with soap to less littering in the camp - remarkable success has been achieved with this project.

Find more details in the Intervention Fact Sheet by Miriam Harter, Silvie Kraemer, Hans-Joachim Mosler, and Jurgita Slekiene:

Fact Sheet_UNICEF Bangladesh_Final_RANAS_6phases
Download PDF • 458KB

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