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A country-wide campaign to fight COVID-19 in Indonesia

UNICEF in cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Health assigned Ranas Ltd. and Myriad PT to improve the national approach to promote handwashing with soap in community households, schools and health care facilities. Together, we developed online and offline training manuals for front line health workers.

The manuals are based on the RANAS approach: first, formative interviews and a questionnaire study were conducted. Then, behavior change strategies were developed, piloted and evaluated. The project had started in September 2020 and is now coming to an end with the finalization of the training modules.

The picture shows an example of a behavior change strategy developed within the project by Ranas and Myriad: a diagram on COVID-19 related infection routes and possible prevention measures, based on the Indonesian Ministry of Health’s recommendations. This diagram is used in an interactive activity during household visits. The health promoter provides a stamp to a sticker that is called “commitment sticker” and is posted on the wall of the household as a public sign of their commitment to handwashing with soap.

The design was realized by Fortuna Indonesia.



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