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Changing fear-based COVID-19 communication - Webinar

The central narrative of COVID-19 communication has been fear-based. Worldwide, counts of new infections and deaths, images of hospitalized patients, overworked medical staff, funerals and grieving relatives have been all over the media. COVID-19 communication has to move away from this fear-based narrative to a resource-based narrative.

We invite you to watch the webinar online:

The webinar was directed to pracitioners, policy makers and researchers. We presented findings from rural Maharashtra, India, and showed that psychological behavioural factors beyond risk perceptions and fear steer COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and protection behaviors. We discussed evidence-based recommendations on how to leverage these findings for effective communication.

The Webinar took place on 12th August 2021. The project was supported by the COVID-19 Hygiene Hub and a collaboration between Janseva and Ranas Ltd.

Contact persons: Dr. Max Friedrich, Dr. Miriam Harter



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