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COVID-19 protection behaviors and vaccine acceptance in India

Maharashtra has been among the most affected Indian states during the second COVID-19 wave. As part of our technical support engagement to the COVID-19 Hygiene Hub ( Ranas has supported the design, implementation and rapid evaluation of an innovative behaviour change campaign to promote COVID-19 protection behaviours and vaccine acceptance.

The specific behaviours targeted are: handwashing with soap at key times, mask wearing and physical distancing when in public, health seeking in case of COVID-19 symptoms and intention to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

First findings indicate that feelings of trust and safety, moral considerations and planning steer vaccine acceptance and the willingness to seek health care in cases of COVID-19 symptoms. For mask wearing, knowing the right situations when to wear masks and the perception of health benefits were important drivers, while feeling suffocated, mockery by others and not having clean masks ready for use were important barriers.



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