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PEAK course has been a full success

During four interactive course days (23-26 February), 40 participants from 17 countries all over the world learned and practiced to plan, design and evaluate systematic behaviour change campaigns based on the RANAS approach. The course focused on how to conduct a quantitative survey measuring relevant behavioural factors, how to identify the required behaviour change techniques and how to verify their effectiveness.

The teachers, Hans-Joachim Mosler, Max Friedrich, Miriam Harter, Anna Gamma, Jurgita Slekiene, and Benjamin Ambühl thank all participants for the vibrant discussions and active group work!

Hans-Joachim Mosler talking about the global coverage of RANAS projects.

Quotes from participants:

"I enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with people from across the world with a diverse range of experience [with whom I had not worked before] on working out how to apply and step through the RANAS process during the group exercises. The range of perspectives enabled us to critise and analyse the theory and practice of each step in greater depth - than if it was just me on my own with my own understanding and perspectives. I appreciated that we worked in the same group throughout the course [rather than say chopping and changing] and that we had one central example/case study per group to work through."

"Breakout sessions were great, felt very familiar with the group by the end of the course. Each of the co-hosts was profoundly knowledgable and approachable, and listening to their presentations was a privilege."

"I liked the balance between theory and then groupwork. Altough the time in the groupwork was short, it still provided an insight in how to do things."



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